Next Level Program

The Next Level Program is an intense field-scouting service that implements the use of satellite technology to better serve the farming needs of our growers. 

The scouting will include at least three documented trips to each field; early season stand counts and weed scouting, post-spray weed scouting, and pest and
disease scouting.  When enrolled in the Next Level Program farmers are eligible to take part in winter meetings to include fertility, herbicide, insecticide, seed, fungicide products, and information technology.  In addition to these meetings, farmers receive scouting reports and a year-end crop production and scouting summary which will provide all the information that was collected for the duration of the summer.  Following an infield scouting trip, farmers receive a scouting report reflecting the scout’s findings in the field and a recommendation will be provided if an issue is found.


The Next Level Program is unique in that we incorporate technology into the in-field routine scouting.  The satellite imagery allows us to analyze the farm-ground based on the reflective light of the vegetation.  The scale that determines the amount of vegetation present is marked by color changes in the final analysis.  The scale begins at the top with green which reflects lush/full vegetation, but as you proceed down the color scale the vegetation reflecting back is less and less.  This is an excellent tool when scouting fields because we can load imagery onto a hand-held GPS device and pin-point the location of the problem and perhaps the cause as well.  



One of the advantages of satellite imagery is the fact that we can look back at photos ranging from July 1999 to the present day.  The imagery along with the history gathered in the fields lays a great foundation for improving farmer’s crop management and yields.  If you would like more details explaining the program, please don’t hesitate to drop by one of our offices and we will provide you with a packet that includes a copy of the contract, sample scouting reports, and satellite imagery photos.  


If you were enrolled in the Next Level Program, your reports have been removed
from your account.  All reports and imagery are included in your
year-end summary.  If you have not gotten your summary,
please stop in at the Brook office.

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